What about peeke?

peeke is an unique nfc anti-counterfeiting solution basing on blockchain technology that garantees originality and real interaction of goods

Peeke solves a 0.5 trillion dollar problem

The import and trade of counterfeit goods are one of the most flourishing markets existing today that is growing at exponential rates.

By 2027 the counterfeit industry will reach 2.4 trillion dollars, hurting both brands and consumers.

More: falsification in Drugs, Food & Beverage create risks for the health.


Peeke is the solution

We’ve built a technology to help you verify the authenticity of any product on the shelf.

With Peeke, you can shop and sell in comfort with the brands & products that you care the most about.

How it works?

  • Install the Peeke App
  • Wave your phone in front of any product
  • Peeke will let you know if this product is authentic and will also share additional information about the product!


peeke is the app that verifies genuinity of products

Consumer Features

Originality Check

check quality of products without loosing time by signin in


get information, garantees and manuals


advantages of special prices in marketplaces

Earn Money

earn money by doing products reviews and share

Business Features

Protect your Brand

protect easly the brand and products you sell


give to your products visibility for shopping

Big Data

achieve big data infromation and consumer behavior

Earn Money

by interaction of consumers on your products

Secondary Market

Tired of your Luxury or Hi-Tech products? Would you like to resell them at a good price? Or would you like to buy a new product that is too expensive and in the used market you fear to get a simple imitation?

A market of opportunities

You just have to scan your Peeke-protected product and put it on sale. Peeke grant it is Authentic as it was when it was buyed the first time.

A wide market of authentic products, real opportunities for who buy and sell.

  • No need to keep piles of receipts to prove your product is authentic.
  • No intermediary who charges his earnings on the product.
  • No fake items like in the best stores.


Read what customers are saying

Jennifer P.
"I wasnt sure about originality of this bag. I waved it with my phone and easly in few secs i received the right information"
— Jennifer P.
Giovanni G.
"I integrated these tags for my food products that where
counterfeit on the market. Not only the peeke solution was simple and effective, I also earn money thaks to peeke"
— Giovanni G.
Anna P.
"During a dinner at the restaurant we wanted to know more about the products we where tasting. With a simple waving of the phone we got interactive info"
— Anna P.
Luca M.
"My customers had always difficulties for downloading or searching the manuals of my products with the product code or a QR. Now thanks to peeke solutions only by waving people can access information"
— Luca M.


See what's included in the app


The Peeke app in particular

Verify your products before buying them

Already on the app store, we created a convenient app for shoppers to verify products before buying. In the future, brands and shoppers can come to our online marketplace to shop for Peeke verified products.

Shop with confidence

  • Easy to use interface with clear prompt whether the product is counterfeit or authentic
  • Access to data about the product such as guarantees, product reviews and promotions.
  • Users will have access to authentic products in the Peeke Secondary Marketplace


Take a closer look to understand more about peeke

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For more info and support, our Frequently Asked Questions and the Contact form

What is Peeke?

Peeke is a distributed app. It aims to protect brand and consumers from counterfeit products using NFC and Blockchain technology.

What problems can be solved by PEEKE's technology and what are its benefits?

The counterfeit market is a growing global industry that affects both brands and consumers. We developed a consumer friendly and secure solution to guarantee the authenticity of any physical product for sale worldwide. Peeke’s innovative technology secures all physical products of human engineering and manufacturing as crypto-assets, by providing brands pre-programmed NFC tags to embed into their products before they go out to the market. Each tag is programmed with our encrypted Blockchain app so that every single product is logged into our decentralized system. The result is a secure, convenient and scalable anti-counterfeit solution.

How does it work for consumers?

After downloading the app, users need to wave any kind of smartphone against the product. The Peeke app will provide information about its authenticity, along with other information, guarantees, manuals and retail gaming features.

What’s the difference between Peeke and its competitors?

Beside Peeke, there is only one company that have adopted NFC + Crypto direct hardware. Peeke's technology secures data thanks to the blockchain and integrability into all types of control systems and production lines. As additional features, the Peeke environment enables us trace ownership path in the after-sale stage, as well as providing additional information about products, warranty, maintenance.

How much does it cost?

You can download and use the Peeke app for free, forever!

How to contact you?

You can contact us at info@peeke.ch

I have a brand I want to protect. How do I become a Peeke partner?

You can contact us at info@peeke.ch. One of our sales manager will get back to you.

Will I have to change all my backend?

No, you will receive all you need to produce the beacon to put on your products by yourself. Your product will be secured at the end of your production line without need of change.

So it can't be integrated?

Everything can be integrated and Peeke, having an API as his core, can be integrated easily.

Is it really safe?

Yes, it is. The Peeke Beacon is not a simple piece of paper that can be copied or moved. It is a chip, with data saved on a blockchain, and the BC is immutable. Ask for a demo to obtain better tecnical details.

If i decide to use Peeke, which level of support am i going to receive?

There is a clear Service Level Agreement that Peeke will grant.

What kind of obligations am i going to take charge?

Nothing at all. Peeke Data Governance is studied to be fully GDPR compliant.

Email info@peeke.ch
Phone 0041793596904