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The blockchain solution

We offer a ready to use blockchain solution. You can integrate this solution with a simple interface connection to your existing software.

The solution allows you to integrate a solid certification system for your documents, information exchanges, transactions and much more…

The certification chip solution

With this solution you can connect real world thing to the blockchain. You can certify that a product is real and, used on the correct way, you can also certify this product is an original one.

The solution allows you to connect a chip on a product like a bottle of wine, a perfume, a pharma product, a shoe or a cloth and by telling people they can scan this chip, the system will tell them if the product is original and all chain history of the product and producer.

The NFT solution

We offer an NFT solution that allows you to create “shares” and “bonds” to trade online of real-world goods.

The solution allows you to sell tokens without relying on any middlemen, let’s try it….

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